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Yvonne Martin-Morrison

As a Certified Financial Planner on the Retirement and Financial Planning team, Yvonne provides objective financial planning services and tax intelligence to advisors and their clients. She is guided by the premise that any plan, no matter how good, is useless until it is implemented effectively.

Yvonne works with clients and their advisors to proactively pull the future of clients into today, developing a custom and actionable personal financial strategy. With a comprehensive and integrated roadmap, clients can make smart decisions that help them achieve their own vision of success, and guides their advisors in providing timely counsel. Yvonne employs objective due diligence and analysis of the clients’ current assets, future needs, and life desires to develop a plan to help achieve their goals. The customized and practical strategies she presents are designed to help clients make the most of their financial resources, have greater clarity and peace of mind, and as a result, enjoy their lives more.

When she is not immersed in the detailed planning process, Yvonne provides “just-in-time” financial guidance and advice to advisors as they work with the day-to-day financial needs of their clients. She coaches and educates advisors and their clients through presentations and articles. She has expertise in the unique financial needs of business owner/operators/executives, as well as advanced retirement and tax planning and estate planning. She collaborates with her team to provide strategies that simplify and enhance the financially complex.

Prior to joining Raymond James Ltd., Yvonne was a partner in a boutique wealth management firm. She worked directly with clients, providing custom wealth planning and coaching to business owners and professional athletes. She developed a specialized focus on advanced retirement strategies, investment planning and risk management. She provides unique value to advisors who want to offer their clients a more comprehensive approach to address all the relevant aspects of their financial lives.

Yvonne has worked in financial services since 1993, continuing her education in financial advising and planning through the years. She obtained her Certified Financial Planning designation in 2016. She is a member in good standing with Advocis, the Canadian Association of Financial Advisors, and is governed by the standards and codes of FP Canada (prior to April 1, 2019, the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada). Yvonne is an active volunteer in her community, and encourages others to join her in giving back to their communities with time, talent and financial support.