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Thayn Niemand

Thayn Niemand, Adv. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, B. Juris LL.B Dip Financial Management Dip Labour Law, Verso Wealth, South Africa

Adv. Thayn Niemand CFP® is a financial planner based in East London in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  He has, since 1987, provided financial planning services to clients and conducted various training courses, presentations and seminars in the areas of Investments, Retirement planning, Risk planning, Trusts and Estate Planning. He has also appeared as a financial and business consultant in small business television series and on various occasions appeared as a guest on financial television shows discussing various financial and business topics. Thayn has also hosted radio shows and and provides financial literacy insights on “Practical Finance” in a weekly community radio slot.

“To have been named as the winner of the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Asia  Region Award in 2017 was an overwhelming experience. The competition in 2019 brought different challenges to me as a planner as so much seemed to have changed in the approach to the art and science of financial planning over the past 2 years!  As well as adding quantitative and qualitative value as a planner, the impact of local and global financial and political events made it necessary for financial planners, in my opinion, to hone their soft skills to manage the emotions and fears of clients to prevent them making financial decisions that could cause permanent destruction to the client's financial situation.  I believe, sincerely, that this is only possible by the use of thorough personal discussions with clients and (where necessary), their family, using quality financial risk tolerance software in addition to financial planning technology. 

After all is said and done, proper financial planning is never the effort of only one individual but is definitely the result of a team effort with wisdom and information being gleaned using social media from the experiences of local financial planning players and from those planners situated all over the world! “