Sarah Broady

Sarah Broady, Retirement Adviser and CFP®, The Retirement Advice Centre, Australia

With over 15 years experience in the Financial Planning industry, her focus is providing retirement solutions for clients entering retirement (ages 50+) and journeying  with her clients on their retirement path. Her passion is ensuring her clients have a better retirement from having met her.

This is achieved through the implementation of a modern retirement planning focus. It aims to prepare people for virtually anything that may happen in retirement. Applying evidence-based strategies as the core philosophy for money management, so that clients retirement savings may deliver a predictable outcome with safe, reliable income streams. This provide clients with the comfort of knowing how much income they can live on, how long their money will last and the potential to assist their family today so to fulfil a ‘living legacy’.

She is part of the Advising Team at The Retirement Advice Centre, where her colleague David Reed was the 2016 Global Plan Plus Europe Winner.

“Entering the Global Plan Plus awards provided another opportunity for The Retirement Advice Centre to share our client’s retirement experience. To yet again be recognized as providing world class planning services, reaffirms that the Advice solutions we provide to clients have been benchmarked as world-class, and confirms that our clients are having a better retirement from engaging our services.  I see my role as more than a Retirement Adviser, by being the trusted confidant for our clients retirement journey.

Sharing our client experience over the past 2.5 years from having never engaged a Financial Adviser and wondering if they could retire, to now retiring and starting to live out their retirement aspirations. As their trusted Adviser we were central to guiding our client through their financial and emotional decision-making on their retirement journey”.