Rose Swanger

Rose Swanger, MBA, CFP®, Advise Finance, LLC, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Rose was born and raised in China, but educated in the US. Consequently, she enjoys the best of both worlds. She aims to incorporate that philosophy into her practice and provides her clients with the same privilege. Rose was the first American financial planner to win the annual international financial plan competition sponsored by the Global PlanPlus Award in 2014. Additionally, Rose has been frequently interviewed and quoted by major financial media sources, such as The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, Reuters, CNBC, Chicago Tribune, and InvestmentNews.

Besides having the general knowledge of financial planning, Rose has two other distinctive designations: 1) RICP®–Retirement Income Certified Professional, which gives her the expertise to help retirees during the retirement in issues such as safe income withdrawal, Social Security and Medicare  planning, long-term care, etc, and 2) CDFA®–Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, which allows her to assist attorneys and clients to achieve the best possible equitable settlement and at the same time to avoid typical financial and tax pitfalls. Rose Swanger is passionate about promoting financial literacy. Her personal goal is to help Americans get their financial houses in order, one community at a time.

“PlanPlus each year goes above and beyond to search globally the planners who have showcased their ability to serve the clients’ best interest, whether to provide a peace of mind for retirement comfort or to continue to have the financial security after a traumatic life event. It provides a rare knowledge-based competition outlet for all CFP(r) practitioners to join and compete.  PlanPlus truly inspires and challenges us to be the best we can be to help clients’ financial life.”