Ricardo van Doormalen

Ricardo van Doormalen LLM FFP RB, partner at BLM Accountants and Advisors, The Netherlands

Ricardo is a Financial Planner and Tax Advisor at BLM, specializing in financial planning for high net worth individuals, and for entrepreneurs and their company. He has been working in the financial services industry for over 23 years, always as an independent fee-only planner/advisor. He is also known as author, speaker and expert for several national media.

Ricardo has a passion for the human behavioral side of the planning process. It is his mission to come to a holistic advice that best fits the client and his or her life partner as a person in connection with their business. Estate planning is a part of this process as well. He encounters a person’s wealth or business as a tool to reach one’s life goals and not as an objective in itself.

“I am thankful that PlanPlus made it possible to participate in a competition for such a prestigious award. Competing with the best of the best worldwide has been an honor to me. It is a confirmation for me that the decisions we made in our way of practicing Financial Planning were good ones.

As a first time participant of the FPA conference in Boston in 2008, I noticed that the Financial Planning Industry in other countries were ahead of the Financial Planning Industry in The Netherlands. I think the Financial Planning Industry in The Netherlands since then has matured very quickly. Being the first Dutch participant to win this award underlines this. Thank you PlanPlus for your contribution with this award to the Financial Planning profession worldwide. I can recommend every Financial Planner to participate in this competition!”