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Gavin Teoh (Teoh Hock Geh)

Gavin Teoh Hock Geh, B.Sc (Hons), CFP®, IFP, Director of Advisory and Practice Management at Standard Financial Adviser Sdn. Bhd in Puchong, Malaysia

Gavin Teoh is the Director of Advisory and Practice Management at Standard Financial Adviser. He joined the company in January 2010 (formerly known as Standard Financial Planner). Gavin has been involved in estate planning and business risk management since the start of his career in 1998. Gavin helped set up a mortgage sales company in 2005, and in 2006 began his financial planning advisory work with CIMB Wealth Advisors (CWA), Financial Care Centre.

Gavin is a certified member of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, and an international member of the U.S. based Financial Planning Association, (FPA). He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Islamic financial Planner (IFP). Gavin is also a two time Global Financial Planning Awards Winner, earning the 1st Runner-Up award for Asia region in 2013.

“Every achievement grows out of the seed of determination” quoted Gavin Teoh Hock Geh. “This message, by a renowned spiritual master, explains my full concentration and effort to surpass my past achievement as the first runner-up of Asia Region in 2013. This year, I am blessed to achieve this remarkable recognition as the winner of the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards 2014 Asia Region. It is more than just my achievement – it is also a glory to the financial planning industry in Malaysia, considering the industry is still young and financial product selling still dominates most of the practices here.”

“The competition is getting stiffer and it certainly raises the standard of advisory practice” said Teoh. “I had to put in more effort and be more sensitive to learn and accept feedback from judges and peers to improve my personal skills of writing and presentation. It challenges my courage to participate in this great event and face highly experienced judges. It also evaluates my personal capability of delivering information effectively which is more than just my knowledge or talent in advisory practice, something we never learn from CFP® class but which is so beneficial for our professional practice development. I wish to see such competitions within regions and at the international level continue for many years to come, with support from financial planning associations around the world. The motivation for this grand competition promotes higher quality of advice amongst contestants and financial planners, and this eventually benefits consumers. Bravo to PlanPlus for initiating this project! I would encourage all financial planners to have the courage to enter the upcoming PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards 2015.”