David Reed

David Reed  B.Bus, Adv.Dip.FS, SSA. AFP ®

David Reed is a Retirement Adviser and certified Retirement Coach.  He is the 2015 Australian Financial Association’s Adviser of the Year and was awarded the 2015 Most Recommended Adviser Nationally by the Beddoes Institute. David has also featured in numerous publications and on radio with his expertise in ageing and modern retirement planning.
David’s unwavering passion for the science of retirement and ability to apply decades of academic research from the fields of finance, psychology and gerontology has allowed him to successfully deliver an easy to explain retirement experience approach for his clients since 2003.

Partnering with leading experts in the fields of psychology, academics and gerontologists, David has developed a framework to provide his clients with a robust and holistic understanding of one of life’s most stressful transitions.

David is the author of two books. ’50 Tips for Over 50’s’ and the co-author of ‘So You Think You Are Ready To Retire’, both focused upon retirement psychology and modern retirement planning techniques.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience involved in the PlanPlus Global Financial Awards. The journey provided the opportunity to take a breath, stand back and re-examine the value that we add to our clients, using a real life situation. To have our advice recognised as a world-class retirement planning service is our long held vision being realised and I’m thankful for the PlanPlus Global Awards to offer this opportunity.

It is a fantastic reward for our team, but most importantly for our clients that have openly shared their personal experience of what retirement was like for them. 

It has been our endeavour to re-build our business using client feedback on what they would envision a truly valued retirement advice experience to be. To have this advice and value proposition benchmarked as being world-class, is ultimately testament to listening to our client’s wants and sculpting a service to meet those objectives as best we can.”