Conrad Toner

Conrad Toner, B.A CFP CLU is the founder and CEO of True North Retirement Counsel, a financial planning firm based in Peterborough Ontario.  Conrad’s degree in psychology brings a unique perspective to his planning process which allows him to gain a much deeper understanding of each client’s situation.

His specialty is written, comprehensive financial plans for retirees and those approaching retirement.  The majority of his clients want him to: simplify their financial lives, preserve capital, generate a predictable, sustainable, tax-efficient income and create a simple efficient transfer strategy to pass on their wealth to children and grandchildren.

Conrad is also the founder of Financial Doctor Press, Inc.  His first publication Fearless RetirementHow to Retire Without Financial Worry became a #1 Amazon Bestseller in 2013. Fearless Retirement was the first financial literacy product published by Financial Doctor Press. “I created Financial Doctor Press because I wanted to help improve financial literacy for everyone from teenagers to grandparents. This stuff isn’t being taught in schools in any meaningful way, so I wanted to do my part to help Canadians live healthier financial lives by teaching some of the basics”.   Financial Doctor Press currently has several other projects in development from simple e-books to full blown e-courses.

“Having recently won the Canadian Financial Planning Award competition I never imagined that I would make it so far in the Global Awards.  Ending up as a 1st runner up is an awesome feeling!  Having a chance to be questioned by the judges was a great experience and for me validated that I’m on the right path with my planning approach.