Current Winners

2019 Winners



GOR Sheau Shuenn

“I am happy to receive the recognition of winning the 2019 MFPYA competition.  It boosts my confidence and confirms that I am doing the right thing for my clients. The comments from the Judges have provided me with a variety of different perspectives, enabling me to think  of additional strategies which will help improve my client’s financial plan.

MFPYA is a platform that provides advisors with the opportunity to have their worked reviewed by multiple sets of eyes. The entire process has helped me identify those areas which need improvement, and to draw comparisons from time to time on my personal progress in terms of the quality of my work. 

My next goal is to enter the Global Financial Planning Awards and compete with financial planners from different countries and regions, and to place the mark of Malaysian financial planners on the international stage.” 


1st runner-up

Gunaseelan Kannan

“I am very humbled to receive this award for the second consecutive year. Last year was my first attempt in joining the competition and I was one of the winners. It certainly feels very good to be the winner again this year. The knowledge I have gained from this competition has been directed towards enhancing my expertise as a financial planner, which I use in my interaction with my clients when it comes to finding sustainable and satisfactory solutions to their financial woes.

The biggest takeaway from the competition will be my personal development, understanding my strengths and weaknesses and obviously the personal brand created in the industry for myself. Competition like this have improve my competitiveness, skills and knowledge. Furthermore, it enables me to develop in providing the best solutions for clients. Additionally, entering this competition gives me an opportunity to verify that I have provides the best of solutions for my clients. By getting critiques from the judges, you will keep on improving the way you do things.” 


2nd runner-up

Julian Seng Liang An

“I’m so glad to receive this award, and winning this at the very beginning of my financial planning career. I received encouragement by the senior staff to participate in this competition. For someone that has only had his financial planning for eight months, this is an incredible surprise.

I am grateful to the event organisers who have provided a great platform for the financial planning industry. This is a good opportunity for every licensed financial planner in Malaysia to have their financial planning skills assessed by several reputable and excellent judges. Joining this competition has provided me with insight into the areas which can be improved upon, as well as the skills I should enhance to become more competitive and professional.

Undoubtedly my vision and goals for this career are distinct. With this recognition, I found more energy and confidence to continuously facilitate my clients plan. In the meantime I’m also ready to provide more financial planning services to the market.”