Mark LeClaire

Mark LeClaire, CFP, CIM, CLU, Sun Life Financial

I started my career in the financial sector as a Stockbroker in 1988, just 11 months after the crash of 1987. In 1995, I discovered financial planning and it awoke a passion in me. At its heart, financial planning is problem solving, determining a course of action that takes a client from where they are now, to where they want to be in the future, all while remembering to take into account that life can throw curveballs. I immediately began educating myself in the profession and incorporating financial planning into my business model. I received my CFP in 1997 while maintaining my financial advisor status.

In 2008 I took the plunge and transitioned my career from Advisor to Financial Planner by accepting a salaried financial planning position with Sun Life Financial. I have jointed a team that was first created 50 years ago. Sun Life Financial has been on the forefront of providing objective financial planning services with a salaried team to compliment its advisor network. In this position, I focus on holistic financial planning mainly for business owners and professionals.

With the coming of the “robo-advisor” and the internet which provide access to information so easily, clients are more and more empowered with “do it yourself” implementation of solutions. It is not hard to imagine the emerging importance of the qualified Financial Planner Professional’s role in such an environment.

This amazing industry is just coming into its own. It is constantly changing and evolving and I look forward to see what comes next.

“As a first time entrant in this competition, it has been an incredible experience to have professionals dissect and analyze my plans. Taking the information forward I will can elevate my expertise to the next level. My thanks to Sun Life Canada for the opportunity to transition from a financial advisor to a salaried, objective financial planner and to Plan Plus for creating this opportunity to learn.”