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Kevin Neoh

Kevin K.M. Neoh is a Licensed Financial Planner who is licensed by the Securities Commissions Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia.

As a CFP Professional who holds a strong belief that families of all income levels should have access to professional financial planning assistance and that the financial world is too complex to shoulder alone, Kevin actively seeks to assist people on the street to live a financially confident life. Going against the landscape where the financial services industry is dominated by commission-based and product selling model, Kevin is determined to insist on a ‘diagnosis before prescription’ approach. Adopting a Fee-based approach, he works with client to explore client’s lifegoals, value system, as well as reviewing their overall financial foundation to determine the challenges or opportunities faced by the client.

With the belief that financial literacy is important to allow people from all walks of life to take control of their life and pursue their lifegoals fearlessly, Kevin actively shares contents that are practical and relevant to Malaysian via various type of media. He contributes article related to personal finance to Smart Investors Magazine Malaysia and was a columnist for 3 and half year for a Chinese Daily that focused on economy and commerce in Malaysia, i.e. Nanyang Siang Pau. He also maintains an active profile in Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share his view on matters related to personal finance. Apart from writing, he is also a regular invited guest to radio station such as Melody FM, CityPlus FM and Ai FM to discuss about some current personal finance topic. Taking a multiple angle approach on educating Malaysian on becoming financially smarter, Kevin also conduct financial education talk for employees of companies as well as hosting seminar for public regularly.

In his company, Kevin is also wearing a hat of business development work and work with various stakeholders such as associations, regulators to conduct activities and roadshows to raise awareness in Financial Planning for the public. Other than this, he also wear a hat to build up the practice level of junior Licensed Financial Planner at the firm. He conducts practical case study and training session with planners who really jump-started their practice, as well as joint-field meeting to elevate the competency level and speed up their learning curve to become a competent Licensed Financial Planner.

Kevin was also awarded Malaysian Financial Planner of The Year Award (MFPYA) in 2016, and 2017. MFPYA is National Financial Planner of the Year Award for all financial planning credentials from regulator-recognized bodies in Malaysia, based on global standards adjudication. In year 2019, Kevin himself was invited to become a member of panel of judges for the same competition, and through the adjudication process he would be able to provide constructive feedback and input to the contestants, with the objective to provide inputs from other perspective and to help contestant make improvement to deliver better quality advice and financial planning service to Malaysian.

Kevin is a Licensed Financial Planners from VKA Wealth Planners Sdn.Bhd, Malaysia’s fastest growing home-grown financial planning firm. Kevin can be contacted at

“Putting the client’s interest first is the core belief and very foundation of my practice. It is an honour to have a panel of judges with such a diversity of experiences and approaches review and agree that my work for my client is adequate and worthy to earn the recognition of Malaysian Financial Planner of The Year Award (MFPYA) for both 2016 and 2017. The award is a bonus in comparison to the recognition and acceptance. There is nothing more important than to know my work has value and will positively impact my client’s life.

The process of the contest gave me the opportunity to rethink and re-examine my own philosophy and approach. It also gave me the chance to reflect and think on possible ways to improve my practice so that I can become a better CFP Professional to help my clients improve on their current financial foundation, which subsequently will enable them to pursue their dreams, ultimately leading to a fulfilling life.

We are fortunate to have association such as the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) who always takes a proactive role to promote financial planning awareness. MFPYA is definitely one of the best initiative ever undertaken by the association and hopefully we will see more Licensed Financial Planners with similar aspirations become recognised via MFPYA for the professional work they do.”