Gavin Teoh (Teoh Hock Geh)

I am a financial planner with experience in holistic financial planning covering insurance planning, investment planning, estate planning and cash flow-debt management. I am trained and licensed to conduct traditional and Islamic financial planning.

I was awarded of 1st Runner-up of PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards- Asia Region 2013 in the competition for excellence in creating an outstanding financial plan and statement of advice in addition to contribution to financial planning profession. In the same year 2013, I was honoured for StandardFA Award of Best Practice 2013.

My determination to be the winner persisted and eventually I managed to win as The 1st Winner of PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards- Asia Region 2014 for the same competition. I became the first Malaysian won such distinguished international award and had been rewarded a trip to attend Financial Planning Association (FPA) Conference in Boston USA, 2015.

It is always my passion to develop and contribute to the financial planning industry. I value ethics highly in all business relationships with both clients and business associates.

I am a believer and follower of behavioural economics and finance subject. I believe humans are irrational in making financial decision, and psychology study shall be added into neo-classical economics. It is my interest to do research in this subject and the applications help my practice to manage clients’ expectation efficiently.

CENTUM SAGE ADVISORY – a practice office under Standard Financial Adviser Sdn Bhd (StandardFA) f.k.a Standard Financial Planner Sdn Bhd (SFP) providing financial planning services.
Director of Advisory and Practice Management, January 2010 – present

Analyse clients’ financial data with regard to their goals, develop financial plans to help clients achieve their goals, implement financial solutions for clients and monitor and review clients’ financial plans.  Currently the boutique practice office has one practice director (myself), one technical associate director, one administrator and three licensed financial planners.
My practice serves niche clients in specific industries and professions. This allows my team to have a deeper understanding of the peculiarities and challenges of clients. The key groups of clients are SMI-SME business owners, young entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, professionals such as physician and engineer, and retirees.

Key Achievements:

  •  I am currently served as a committee member of 3 Year Action Plan of Security Commission of Malaysia. A sub-working group created for strengthening professional standards of financial planning practice in Malaysia for next 3 years.

  • I served as a committee member of FPAM’s Practitioners Development Work Group and a trainer for the Financial Planning Practice Clinic to train CFP certificants on financial planning advisory, 2010-2012.

Article Contributions:

  • Featured in financial mainstream media The Edge for an article “Playing Catch-Up” on January 18, 2016.

  • Contributed articles to FPAM’s 4E Journal – “Pride of Being Malaysian Financial Planner, 2015” and “Making a Difference, 2013”.

  • I was a regular contributor of Behavioural Finance articles in Money Compass magazine 2012-2013 and a monthly business financial advice column called ‘Towards Financial Serenity’ in MalaysiaSME newspaper 2013-2014 for the business community.