Brian Foster


I have a coaching and consulting business which runs events and training programs for financial advice firms. We’ve designed an experience that financial adviser’s clients willingly pay for.


I’ve worked in financial services all my life. I was involved in the creation and management of two successful UK financial planning businesses and I’ve been charging fees for advice since 1997. For the last 15 years I’ve been successfully delivering a lifestyle planning experience to clients in the UK and South Africa. I’m an author and international speaker, and I’ve been coaching and mentoring other financial advisers since emigrating to South Africa in 2012.

What’s the problem we are trying to solve

Financial advisers have never been trained to be financial planners or to run businesses. We’ve been trained and incentivised by the industry to sell its products, and I’m frustrated with the incongruence between what the industry says it does, and what clients actually experience. Trust in financial advisers is low, clients are demanding a better experience, and global regulation is forcing greater transparency into a financial services industry that is reluctant to change.

Without adapting, many advice firms are in danger of losing clients, becoming irrelevant and going out of business.

Advisers need to understand that they have a business model problem, not a regulation problem. The financial services industry is broken, and the adviser conversation needs to change.

What’s our solution?

We provide coaching and consulting services on a one-to-one basis and we run a workshop-based development program called the Stage 4 Accelerator that takes advisers through the process of adapting their client proposition to a lifestyle financial planning experience. It’s an ‘out of the box’ solution which brings together world class tools and training, and which takes advisers on the journey to a fantastic client proposition.

What’s our mission?

Everything we do is about freedom, improving the client experience and increasing the number, quality and sustainability of client-centred financial advisers. Our long-term goal is to take 3000 planners through the program.

What do we need next?

We’re releasing one program in 2018 and we’re currently looking for 16 financial advisers in Cape Town and 16 in Jo’burg who want to come on this journey with us.

We also need help with venues and a strategic partner to help with marketing and running an annual conference in Cape Town, Jo’burg and Durban

Iconic brand – what are we known for?

We’re known for leading the development of IFAs, and our aim is to leave advisers feeling inspired, confident and energised by their client engagements.