Anja Luesink

Anja Luesink is a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner and Registered Investment Advisor. After having built experience as a financial planner at L.J. Altfest and Associates and Francis Financial, she started her own fee-only financial planning and investment management firm company in 2008. In 2014 Clare Stenstrom joined the company and they continued under the name Luesink Stenstrom Financial. As a CFP® licensee Anja adheres to the Fiduciary Standard; as such she is obliged to put the interest of clients above her own. The firm does not sell any products or accepts sales commissions from third parties in order to guarantee that the financial advice given is unbiased.

To be able to get a deeper understanding of clients and offer more holistic financial planning advice Anja pursued the RLP (Registered Life Planner) designation at the Kinder Institute of Life Planning and uses the Life Planning approach in her work. She is also a Certified Financial Transitionist® trained at the Sudden Money Institute with tools and procedures for working with clients in life-changing transitions, like widowhood, divorce or getting large sudden money cash inflow. Together with Clare Stenstrom she taught a series of workshops about Women, Meaning and Money®.

As a fee-only financial planner she is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Since 2005 she has been very involved in the FPANY Pro Bono Program, serving 2 years as Director of Pro Bono on the FPANY Board of Directors and as a Chair for the National FPA Pro Bono Committee. In 2012 she received the prestigious Heart of Financial Planning from the FPA NY Chapter and from the National FPPA Association for her role in the community. She continues to be engaged in mentoring younger planners, is active as a member of the FPA International Group and on the FPA Community Committee.

Anja taught Retirement Planning in the Certificate of Financial Planning Program at New York University (NYU) and often speaks to the public about Budgeting, Saving and Investing, Retirement Planning, Social Security, Medicare and other financial topics. She is still engaged in the FPANY Pro Bono program currently teaching Financial Literacy to foster kids and to domestic violence survivors. She was interviewed for several NYC local news programs and quoted in newspapers like Kiplinger, Wall Street Journal, Financial Planning Magazine, Investment News and she wrote articles for the Journal of Financial Planning.

Anja received an MBA from Purdue University and Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Before she entered the Financial Planning profession she worked in International Business Development. Anja is a seasoned traveler and speaks many foreign languages. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two cats. In the weekends and the summer she can often be found in her garden in Upstate New York.