Who we are

The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards were formed in 2013 to further establish financial planning as a recognized profession. We are doing this by bringing public and industry recognition to financial planners who are among the very best in their contribution to the profession.

The competitions that we hold are limited to professional financial planners who have a professional designation, and are a member of a professional association. Further, their work with a client must be solely based on what is in the best interests of the client.

Initially, the competition was restricted to three global regions - the Americas, Europe (includes Australia, New Zealand, and Russia) and Asia (includes the Middle East and Africa). The competition has been extended and we now hold National competitions in a number of countries. The winners from each National competition advance to compete in the Global Awards competition for their region. For example, the Canada Awards winners compete in the Global Awards Americas Region.

what we do

To our knowledge the Global Financial Planning Awards is different from any other competition in the financial services industry. We have a three stage adjudication process.

A planner enters the competition by completing an online application, and rather than creating a new plan, we ask the planner to enter an existing plan from his or her files. The confidentiality of the client is always strictly maintained. In this Initial Submission phase of the competition the planner is asked to answer eight important questions about their entry. The answers to these questions are scored by a panel of expert judges. The top 5-7 scorers are invited to submit the actual plan and client engagement agreement their entry is based on. This is the Plan Adjudication phase.

During the Plan Adjudication phase of the competition the judges use a scoring rubric unique to this phase. These scoring rubrics can be downloaded ahead of time by the competitors so they know exactly how the judges will score their entry. The rubrics are returned to all competitors after the competition with helpful comments from the judges. What the judges are looking for is the client who received the greatest value for the clients’ respective current life situation.

The 3 to 5 top scorers from the Plan Adjudication phase move to the final phase of the competition – The Presentation phase. Each competitor is given time to prepare an online presentation to make to the panel of five judges. The presentation should be up to 30 minutes. The judges will use the Presentation rubric to score and comment on the Presentation.

To determine the winners we use 25% of the first rubric, 35% of the second rubric and 40% of the final Presentation rubric. We will have a winner and one or two runner-up’s, depending on how close the scoring is. 

Note: there is absolutely no requirement for any competitor to use PlanPlus financial planning tools on the plan they are submitting. The judges are not told what software is used by any entrant as it has nothing to do with adding value to the planners’ clients.

rewards of competing

There are lots of rewards for competing:

  • Each finalist will receive a written critique from our distinguished panel of judges. This is a rare chance to have the quality of your work reviewed by experts. We know of some advisors who use the occasion of this competition to evaluate if they are really growing as planners

  • We also provide each competitor with an attractive “competition certificate” suitable for framing. It’s a nice reminder to hang on a wall. It will impress most clients far more than any “sales award.” Whether you won or not, the entry you sent it probably made a significant impact on some one’s life. Just to compete in the Global Financial Planning Awards is an accomplishment the few planners will even attempt.

  • There will be a lot of national and local publicity for the winners. We want the public to understand the incredible value that financial planning can add to their lives.

  • An elegant trophy and plaque will be awarded to the winners from each region.
    The 1st and 2nd runners up will receive an elegant plaque.

  • We will mail announcements to 100 people of the winner’s choice, and will also email press releases to 10 media outlets of the winners choosing.

  • The winners from each Region will receive round-trip airfare, 5 star accommodations and admission to the FPA Annual Conference 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA from Oct. 16-18 (airfare and hotel limited to $3,500 USD). The winners will be presented with their awards during the PlanPlus Global International Breakfast which will be held in conjunction with the FPA Conference.

Note: In the event someone wins but is unable to attend the 2019 FPA Conference to receive their award, they could defer the trip for one (1) year and choose to attend the 2020 FPA Conference.

join us now

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