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2019 Winners

Learn about our Global Financial Planning Awards 2019 Award winners. Find out what they have to say about the awards and take a look at some of their financial plans!

America Region

Michael Palumbos Pic.png

First Place

Michael palumbos

“It’s good to be here, as it gives me and my team a chance to say thank you to our clients, and to the Custom Wealth Advisor Network who have helped us through the years to create the planning process we have today. It’s taken many trials and tribulations to design the client experience we deliver. We look forward to continually striving to find new ways to help family-owned businesses protect their wealth and pass their values from generation to generation in a healthy and enjoyable manner. Thank you, PlanPlus, for challenging the advisor community to take a step back and review their planning processes from a 360* view. It’s exciting to have pushed ourselves to compete. The PlanPlus competition truly does judge financial plans based on comprehensiveness, and more importantly the value that financial planning teams add to their clients’ lives.”


1st runner-up

Laurence Schiffman

Zak Smith - 2019 Canada Awards Winner.jpg

2nd runner-up

Zak Smith

“To be recognized as one of the elite planners on a large stage such as the PlanPlus Global Awards Americas Region in addition to being recognized as the winner of the Canada Awards is a great honor. Entering the competition as a first time competitor, the process and resulting feedback has been extremely valuable. The PlanPlus Awards competition provided insights into how other elite planners are achieving success around the world and has motivated me to continue to improve our own offering to stay on the leading edge of the profession.”


Asia Region

Thayn Niemand Pic.png


Thayn Niemand

“To have been named as the winner of the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Asia  Region Award in 2017 was an overwhelming experience. The competition in 2019 brought different challenges to me as a planner as so much seemed to have changed in the approach to the art and science of financial planning over the past 2 years!  As well as adding quantitative and qualitative value as a planner, the impact of local and global financial and political events made it necessary for financial planners, in my opinion, to hone their soft skills to manage the emotions and fears of clients to prevent them making financial decisions that could cause permanent destruction to the client's financial situation.  I believe, sincerely, that this is only possible by the use of thorough personal discussions with clients and (where necessary), their family, using quality financial risk tolerance software in addition to financial planning technology. 

After all is said and done, proper financial planning is never the effort of only one individual but is definitely the result of a team effort with wisdom and information being gleaned using social media from the experiences of local financial planning players and from those planners situated all over the world! “

Vivek Rege Pic 2019 (Asia 1st Runner Up).jpg

1st runner-up

Vivek Rege

“I am honoured as well as humbled with this award from the Asia Pacific Region.

One of our core values is Excellence which keeps us doing better as we learn, reflect and apply in our practice improving the quality and depth of the conversations and the overall experiences of our clients.

This also comes with a lot of responsibility in terms of bettering this profession and raising the overall bar within the fraternity and being torch bearers for the current and future practitioners on this planet. The Planplus Global Awards process just brings out the best in us, as we always come out learning and reflecting on better practices. Participation is the first step and everything is else is a by- product.”

Lovaii Photo.jpg

2nd runner-up

lovaii navlakhi

Reaching the pinnacle of the Asia Region in the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning awards is sweet reward for the sustained work over the years in global financial planning. Our focus is on understanding the global client and their financial needs, keeping in mind cross-border issues of returns, currency movements, inflation, taxes and reporting requirements. This win uplifts the entire team to strive better in their areas of specialisation, and it is as much a win for the team & the financial planning movement in India as it is for me personally.


Europe Region

Paul Greenwood Pic 2019 (Europe Winner).jpg


paul greenwood

“In 2010, WealthSpan opened its doors intent on delivering high quality, value laden financial advice. Over the past decade we have focussed on designing strategies for clients that do just that. We continue to be tested by our clients, by changes in legislation, by the economy and by our peers. The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards push us to be better. They cause us to reflect on what we do and to make improvements. It’s a process we truly value and the feedback we receive from the team of international judges is priceless. My advice to anyone who wants to make it to the finals of this competition is to find a client who is in dire need of quality independent financial advice. Work as hard as you can to help them achieve a better future, and passionately share your work with the PlanPlus judging panel.”


1st Runner-up

rocca costa


2nd runner-up

craig wilfor