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2018 Winners

Learn about our Global Financial Planning Awards 2018 Award winners. Find out what they have to say about the awards and take a look at some of their financial plans!

America Region


First Place

Jason Pereira

I am deeply honoured to be the first three-time winner of the Plan Plus Global Financial Planning Award. This contest provides competitors with an unparalleled opportunity to test their skills and service offerings against some of the best in the field from around the world. The experience is one that has not only brought validation and opportunity but has also provided me with valuable feedback that has made me a better planner. This competition is a must for anyone looking to elevate their skill set and test themselves against some of the best planners in the world. Now that I will no longer be able to participate due to hitting the three win limit, I will miss it deeply.


1st runner-up

Paul Tyers

The wonderful thing about participating in the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards is that it hones the skills we use day to day; thereby better serving our clients. Having participated for several years and enjoying some success in the PlanPlus Awards, our financial planning team is proud of our collective achievement and committed to continuous improvement. We have also expanded our skills (and our client base) to be more globally focused, which we believe is essential in our interconnected world


2nd runner-up

Jeff Riley

As a professional, it is important to continually work on your craft, to improve, and find new ways to make a difference in the lives of those you serve. This competition offers a new avenue to grow and to gain insights from those professionals who share this mindset. Through initiatives like PlanPlus Global Awards, all those who have participated, as a competitor, judge, or supporting roles, are all moving our profession forward. I am thankful to everyone for helping me improve as a financial planning professional.


Asia Region



Lovaii Navlakhi

Reaching the pinnacle of the Asia Region in the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning awards is sweet reward for the sustained work over the years in global financial planning. Our focus is on understanding the global client and their financial needs, keeping in mind cross-border issues of returns, currency movements, inflation, taxes and reporting requirements. This win uplifts the entire team to strive better in their areas of specialisation, and it is as much a win for the team & the financial planning movement in India as it is for me personally.


1st runner-up

Vivek Rege

Making a difference in the lives of clients for whom we work with is our brand promise. Our practice philosophy is very clear, putting the client’s interest first and making sure adequate attention and time is provided to them, to listen to them and deliver customised solutions to their unique problem sets and life phases. This competition is exactly in alignment with our purpose and the differences we make in our clients lives. Nothing can be a more powerful and empowering a purpose than this.


2nd runner-up

Vishal Dhawan

It is an absolute privilege and an honour to be a part of the winners list from the Asia region once again. With investors and their families becoming more and more global, the need for trusted financial advice that goes beyond the geography of residence or origin of investors, and encompasses multiple aspects and jurisdictions has become critical. The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards allow us to share our solutions for such global families and get judged on multiple parameters by fellow practitioners. This enables us to take a true 360 degree view of our client’s financial lives while learning how we can better deal with the complexities of cross border financial advice. We look forward to participating in future Global Awards competitions, and to helping our profession gain further global recognition.


Europe Region



Crystal Bobir

I am incredibly honoured to have been awarded first prize for the Europe region. It is wonderful to receive such recognition amongst a group of true professionals on a global scale. I am passionate about helping people and financial planning is a career that allows me to use my skills and abilities to do that. I enjoy solving the complex financial issues clients face and am proud to be one of the very limited number of independent financial planners in Australia. I love the fact that I never have to compromise what I believe is best for my clients. Ultimately, my goal is to make a meaningful, positive difference in the life of every client I work with. Winning this award has provided valuable feedback that the advice myself and the team at Tupicoffs provide meets the highest international standards.

Participating in the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards has been a very rewarding experience. I found the time and effort spent preparing for each stage of the competition very worthwhile, as the process itself is a thought-provoking and interesting exercise. I would strongly encourage anyone considering entering in future years to undertake the challenge, as it provides a unique opportunity to gain constructive feedback from outside your own organisation, from a range of professionals around the world. I believe that winning this award has helped demonstrate my passion, drive and commitment to excellence when it comes to my clients.


1st Runner-up

paul greenwood

One of the most powerful methods available to us to make improvements on what it is we do is to pause and reflect on our progress.  The other beneficial activity is to obtain constructive feedback from people who care about us.  PlanPlus’ Global Financial Planning Awards provides those brave enough to enter, with the opportunity for both.  Whether you end up a winner or not, as a Professional Adviser you can’t help but benefit from entering this unique global awards competition. Good Luck.


2nd runner-up

Mark o’flynn

The PlanPlus awards process was not only a great way to showcase our work but also to further enhance my skills as a financial planner.