Scoring your initial submission

An Initial Submission Rubric is used as the first step in the adjudication process. Each of the seven sections outlined in Submitting an Entry (above) will be scored from 0 to 7 based on each judge’s discretion of how well that particular section was addressed, for a total of up to 49 points. The last two sections: Results and Client Benefits are worth 14 points each.

Up to an additional 14 points can be added based on the judges overall impression with respect to the quality of your work, your thoroughness and your ability to enhance the clients overall well-being.

Thus a maximum total of 91 points can be earned for the Initial Submission. All initial submissions will be reviewed and scored by at least three (3) judges.

  • The 6 highest scores will be reviewed by all judges.

  • Four to six finalists will be selected based on a majority of the five (5) judges to move on to the next phase.

Selecting Finalists

If you are selected as a finalist you will need to submit the actual plan document. As outlined in the Scoring section which follows: four (4) to six (6) finalists will be selected. The finalists will have their choice on how to submit their entry for final judging (Method One or Two).

Submission Method One: Judges can see personal information during final scoring

  • Client signs a Release Form granting permission for their personal information to be shared with the judges. Download the form here or create your own. Please send a copy of the signed form to

  • Some of the judges will have seen the information from the Initial Submission and now will see the actual financial plan on which the submission was based. They will now know the name of the client.

  • All copies, both physical and electronic, will be destroyed after judging is complete, or

Submission Method Two: Permanently anonymous

  • The client will remain permanently anonymous, only known to the finalist.

  • The finalist must ensure that the plan document submitted for the final judging is fully redacted so no personal information is disclosed to the judges. 

  • All copies, both electric and paper, will be destroyed after judging is complete.

Finalist Judging

The finalists will be required to submit the actual financial plan document on which the submission was based and the Engagement Agreement that was used. The method of submission is subject to the Privacy Guidelines (use Method One or Two as outlined previously in Submitting an Entry). The copy of the plan that is submitted should be completely redacted (names removed). A detailed Plan Scoring Rubric will be used to score the plan document for judging consistency.

Note: While we have provided details to explain each of the questions for the Initial Submission form, the scoring for the Plan submission is more detailed and involves the judges each scoring 21 aspects of your entry. You can see each of these areas as well as the number of possible points for each item.  Downloading the Plan Scoring Rubric will provide you will all of the scoring details

The common language spoken among all judges is English therefore our preference is that your Plan document is in English.

Applying the Plan Scoring Rubric the judges will select the top two or three scorers for the final aspect of the adjudication process – you will be notified by July 2nd. Finalists will need to prepare their online Presentation by July 8th. It should be up to 30 minutes. The judges will use the Presentation Rubric to score and comment on the Presentation.

The winner of the Presentation phase will be determined by a vote of all judges. The winning entry will be determined by the Judges considering all three components.

  • Initial Submission rubric – 25% of total

  • Plan Scoring rubric – 35% of total

  • Presentation rubric – 40% of the total

Using this combined scoring method provides us with a more objective result, verses a simple score of the plan. We believe that this method is unique to PlanPlus administered competitions. The winners will be announced by July 24th. Winners can now pack their bags.