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2019 Winners

Check out what our 2019 winners had to say about the PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards competition. Learn more about each of our winners and view their winning plans.

Zak Smith - 2019 Canada Awards Winner.jpg


Zak Smith

“Since becoming a Financial Planner my goal has always been to continue to improve the advice and the way we convey it to our clients and prospective clients.  The connection of a person or family’s vision and goals to their financial means and strategies is paramount for building a meaningful life plan that evolve as the client does.  The PlanPlus Canada Awards competition provided insights into how other elite planners are achieving success and has motivated me to continue to improve our own offering to stay on the leading edge of the profession.  Entering the competition was extremely valuable, and I am truly honored to be this year’s winner.”

Yvonne Martin-Morrison photo.jpg

1st runner-up

Yvonne martin-Morrison

“The majority of people recognize that setting goals and developing plans are key to sustainable financial success.  But many of those are still not clear where to go for reliable guidance with the increasing financial complexity in their lives.  What a great message to send to Canadians that we, as financial planners participating in the PlanPlus Canada Awards competition, are willing to not only learn from the best, but are also willing to submit our work for assessment by judges who are among the best and brightest in our industry.  This competition is a terrific opportunity for me to challenge my skills, learn more about what serves our clients well, and be a part of strengthening our industry to better serve our clients.  I am thrilled and honoured to be recognized for the value of my work.”

Bold David Kere Photo.jpg

2nd runner-up

bold david kere

“These awards are a great opportunity for financial planning professionals and I like that it increases recognition for our profession and pushes us continually to find ways to improve, in a world where it seems everything tends to be commoditized. I am all for technology in the sense that it is used to enhance our services and add true value to the clients. Thanks to the whole organizational committee and to all the adjudicators. I have watched it from the sidelines these past 2 years with impressive achievements from the previous years’ winners and decided to jump in this year. Congratulations to Zack and Yvonne and thanks to all the participants.

I would like to thank my Jesus who gives me health and the ability to provide clients with the highest levels of value adding expertise, putting their best interests first. I am also thankful to my wife, family, clients, mentors, friends and co-workers for their much-needed precious support.”