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2018 Winners

Check out what our 2018 winners had to say about the PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards competition. Learn more about each of our winners and view their winning plans.



Paul Tyers

“Participating in the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning has honed our financial planning skills; thereby better serving our clients.   Many of us have heard the Proverb “iron sharpens iron”.  In a similar manner my success in 2017 has helped our entire team planning team improve, leading to a great team effort and success in 2018.   I encourage my fellow financial planning professionals to enter this very worthwhile professional contest.” 


1st runner-up

Jason Pereira

“It is always an an honour to be recognized for the work you do on a daily basis to help clients better their lives. The PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards stands out from the competition as it is based on real world work done for actual clients. Being recognized is not only an honour but incredible validation that the caliber of your works is world class, and that our clients have been served to the highest standard.”


2nd runner-up

Sterling Rempel

“Participating in the PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards has highlighted the value we provide for our clients, and to enhance our financial plans for future clients.  The judges’ comments have been helpful in streamlining our plans, to present the analysis and recommendations in a concise and understandable format.  This competition is a valuable contribution to the financial planning profession.”

Previous winners

Learn about our previous award winners. Find out what they had to say about the competition, view their bio’s, and take a look at their winning plans.

2017 Winners


Paul Tyers, CPA, CA, CFP®, CIM

1st Runner-Up

Jason Pereira, BA, CFA, CFP®, FCSI, CIWM, PFP, FMA

2nd Runner-Up

Mark LeClaire, CFP®, CIM, CLU

2016 Winners


Conrad Toner, B.A, CFP®, CLU

1st Runner-Up

Allan Norman, M.Sc., CFP®, CIM

2nd Runner-Up

Sterling Rempel, CFP®, CLU, TEP

2nd Runner-Up

Jason Pereira, BA, CFA, CFP®, FCSI, CIWM, PFP, FMA