Competition Timeline

  1. Download an information package

  2. Register ASAP and obtain your Official Competitor Number. You need this number to place on your Canada Awards submission. Get your number now as the number of entries is capped.

  3. Complete your Initial Submission using the online template provided. Take your time with your submission. It can come in any time between Feb. 15 and April 1

  4. Two to five finalists will be selected from the Initial Submissions by April 16. The judges use a PlanPlus National Financial Planning Awards Initial Submission Scoring Rubric to select the finalists.

  5. Upon notification of being selected, finalists will then be required to submit their actual financial plan for review to the judges by April 22.

  6. The judges will review each plan using the Plan Scoring Rubric.

    Note: Both scoring rubrics referenced here can be viewed by clicking on them.

  7. At this stage a judge might wish to ask you some questions in order to clarify some aspect of your entry. It is possible that you may be asked to do an online PowerPoint presentation to an assembly of the judges. Don’t let this frighten you at all. We can give you ideas on how to present, and the judges are very helpful.

  8. The judges will name up to three (3) winners, ranked 1st, 1st and 2nd runner up by May 14. The Awards will be presented at an upcoming function. Watch our website for the details.

  9. The first place winner will automatically advance to the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards. Of course you will be notified personally when that happens. To learn more about the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards go to the website.

Good luck with your submission!